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Have you got some wildlife photographs on your phone? Perhaps you have spotted something rare or special and would like to show others - we want to hear from you!

Why we want to hear from you

The content we provide is never from affiliates, we only display articles and photography that have been personally gathered by members. Its helps give a much more realistic view of what to expect when you go out on your own adventures!

Part of what we want to promote is being able to guide others to find / see the sights you find special. While some of our wildlife 'guests' are quite rare we will always provide detailed information on being able to get into an area at the right time and weather state to be able to see the specimens with your own eyes. This may entail some careful forethought with regards to your own physical capabilities for instance a lot of our coastal features would require knowledge of the local tides for safety as well as sure footing on the rocks - dont exceed your own limits!