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Why sharing benefits us all

It’s all about sharing.

Recently, I was reminded of this when I happened upon two toddlers wrestling with a toy and heard their mothers admonish them: “You have to learn to share.” But it’s hard to suppress that selfish tendency that makes each of us want to get the attention, take the credit and say “Mine!”

When it comes to social media, Mom knows best. You need to embrace sharing ideas, sharing the limelight and sharing content. So I’m surprised to find some B2B marketers still struggling with the idea of sharing other people’s content on their brands’ social handles.

Here are three reasons sharing is good for your social media strategy:

Build trust with your followers

Content marketing is about producing brand content that you can use to build awareness and trust with your prospects. The problem? Share only your content, and your target audience may not believe you have their best interests at heart. If you also share other people’s content that helps your buyer, the trust meter goes way up!

Increase your own visibility in communities

I don’t know about your company, but most of my clients don’t have the resources to compete with large enterprises and their extensive content teams or big agency resources. Even if you wanted to, chances are you don’t produce enough high-quality content to fuel robust social media efforts. The solution? Piggyback on the content development efforts of others.

Get on the radar of other like minded groups

You know that nice feeling you get when someone shares your blog post, tweet or LinkedIn update? Well, others feel that way, too. That means when you share other people’s content, you have the opportunity to get on their radar, which also increases the chances they’ll return the favor sometime.